"Art is a lie that shows us the truth" - Pablo Picasso

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

needs to jam

Watching this video my brother Dennis showed me, I feel I need to make some music again. He was right in saying that watching this video would make me miss our "jamming" days back home.I like this song and now I'm loving it even more. I think I need to call my friend here who plays guitar (although I think he's into louder music). Time to make some music

The Fruit Bats cover Hall And Oates' "One On One"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

losing friends

This is one of the things I hate most in life. I mean, I value friendships..anybody who knows me well enough can attest to this. My natural phsychological weakness is that I'm a patholigical "pleaser". So when somebody stops regarding me as a friend, it hurts me deeply. Especially living here in Europe where I would practically do ANYTHING to make friends, much less maintain them. Sigh...



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kobena and GAF

The GAF 102 A and the Kobena 321 are with me already.My first "boxed" cameras. Yey

The GAF was at first extremely disappointing. Unboxing revealed that the flimsy film compartment latch was coming off. Also, the viewfinder was blurry. Worst of all, after putting fresh batteries in, the motor wasn't powering on.

It turned out that a small circular lens became detached from the viewfinder. This, along with the latch problem, could be remedied with some super glue. And with further trying, the film transport motor powered on. I immediately put in the Revue cartridge I found on the Kobena and started exposing (why, do you ask, did I not expose it on the camera I found it on?...read on).

I paid more than I think I should have for this, but I think that its worth it since I really fell in love with its unusual design.

As for the afformentioned Kobena, well the battery compartment was extremely corodded. Let's just say I'm still in the process of cleaning and reviving her. Updates soon


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Collection Update

I thought about bringing out my collection, you know, just to see what I have at the moment. I now have 20 cameras, 17 of which I laid on the living room table. The 3 left out were at hand, but I just didn't get around to including them. Anyway, here they are..

In this section, we have my prized 10 euro Leicina RT-1, the two Russians, a Sankyo, and two that are unfortunately not functioning (yet!). Its the Eumig and the Agfa.

The next section has my current fave, the Bolex, a Nizo, 2 Bauers, and what's looking to be my straight8 camera, the Yashica.

Finally, here we have 3 Revues, a Lancia, and my 2 Canon 514 xl's.

The whole Super 8 thing (filming, collecting) keeps me sane these days..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010