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Monday, February 8, 2010

of Tri-X's and projectors

This package came in the mail today. Its the two Tri-X's and the all important Osram projector bulb I ordered from the ever dependable BlueCinetech in UK. Let me just say, these guys are real pro's. They even wrote some apologies on the invoice for the late deliveries (not that I was in a hurry in the first place). Great doing business with these people.

So here are the two B&W film cartidges, which according to my test shoot batch list, will be exposed by my Nizo 116 and Revue CE 40. These are two of my better-conditioned cameras, and I am raring to shoot some footage with them. If only I can get some sun here in my neck of the woods..

As for the much needed bulb, I proceeded to put it on the projector right away..with excellent results! I'm almost done watching the disney/woody woodpecker flick I have haha..I think its time to watch some more films on it.

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