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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Post presents

Well not really presents because they're all paid for. But still, it was great to receive them. The first one was the book "The Ultimate Filmmaker's Guide to Short Films". I hope this helps me think of a concept for the Straight8 thing.

The next two are these packages (which turned out to be HUGE) that were delivered to tita Erma's place in Trier. I usually have packages that originate in Germany sent to her address (genius right?).

One is the Revue Direct sound 8 that came in an even bigger leather case. The camera seemed to be ok, and sure enough the film transport still works when I tested it. The only problem is the lens, it looks like its scratched or with Fungus or something. Further testing and inspection to follow. Did I mention this thing was damn heavy?

The other was my much-awaited Bolex 155 macrozoom. Yes, my first Swiss. i popped in 4 batteries and at first it looked like it wasn't functional. But after some persistence, it turned out to be a working piece. It's simply a thing of beauty. Stats and reviews for both cameras soon.


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