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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo shop Finds

Went to Fototrade near our place with tita Erma the other day, and got these misc stuff. First off, two cameras. A Lancia EM-52, and an Agfa Microflex.

I wasn't really going to get the Lancia, but tita Erma put up a good bargaining session, so I got it anyway. It's a bit beat-up, with the metal of the lens a bit dented. It was also missing its battery pack.

But when I tested it with a batt pack from my CE 40, it still functions, so I'm a bit pleased with it.

The Agfa was another story. This I was really planning to buy (because of the cuteness factor I guess), and even the corroded batt contacts didn't deter me. Alas, all is not well, as even cleaning wasn't enough to get this baby rolling again. Oh well, they gave a good price for it so its a good deal nonetheless. It's another cam on my repair list.

I also got a nice bag for my Leicina for 5€. Its got a nice lock as well.

Also got a filter of sorts. Its the only one to fit my Revue so I got it , for 2€. I also got a lens cap for my RT-1.

Can't wait to go back there and do some more digging...


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  1. Hello!

    Nice collection!. Do you know the size of the Leicina Rt-1s lense? i nead to get a lenscap to my rt-1 aswell but since i dont have it in my possetion right now i cant messure.